Peace and Security

To continue to enjoy a serene environment, and better peace and security in our community, I will focus on crime and conflict prevention through community policing by working with our traditional rulers and security agents.


Our primary economic activities in Ijebu North are trading, lumbering, farming and hunting. I will support policies that will bring about development and improvement in these economic activities.

Food and Farming

Increasing our agricultural production and development in Ijebu North means a better economy for us as agriculture constitutes a large part of our activities. Inadequate water supply, lack of training.


I will encourage the government to provide schools with learning facilities and materials and provide scholarships and grants for exceptional students, supporting vocational learning.


Having more long hours of electricity, better roads, and improved water distribution will surely make operations easier for our artisans, farmers, the ponmo industry, the Ijebu Igbo abattoir, timber business, market traders, and other business people.

Welfare and Health

I will ensure we create more social activities in Ijebu North, activities such as sports and movie centres. We will also have better and more affordable healthcare for all of Ijebu North; the primary healthcare will have good supplies and workers.

Employment and Empowerment

We are entrepreneurial in Ijebu North; I will create more jobs by supporting artisans, market traders, farmers, businesses, youths, men and women with friendly loans and skill acquisition programmes.

For better Ijebu North!

I am fully committed and pledge to serve Ijebu North State Constituency 1 in your best interest at all times through proactive and quality legislation, excellent representation and responsive oversight functions.

I will interact, listen and work with all the stakeholders in our community for our progress.

Supporting policies that will bring about development and improvement in agriculture, 

Reviving sports, movie centres, tourist attractions through government investment.


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